Enjoy this winter to the maximum! Do you want to learn skiing or snowboarding? Your age and skills aren’t important, everybody will find something interesting here! Our skilled and experienced instructors will take care of your children and, of course, also take care of you – and doesn’t matter if you wish to master the basics of skiing or if you want to ski like a pro.

Skiing school Ski Club Tigers is situated directly in the central parking place in Skiarea Ještěd. There is also situated a receiving office and main ski rent office. Our next office can be found near a last tram stop (tram line no. 3) in a restaurant Sport. There you can buy some refreshment and utilize the children’s corner. We believe we can satisfy everyone’s needs – whether it’s a beginner, advanced or a pro.

What courses we offer:
Training lesson is divided into the two phases: 10 mins of a preparation + 50 mins of a training.